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Planning & Achieving Box
Planning & Achieving Box
Planning & Achieving Box

Lindy Art

Planning & Achieving Box

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This box is amazing for the ND mind, as well as the scattered-from-abuse-or-trauma minds. It is so unbelievably hard to plan...let alone follow through. This box teaches you the system that I have developed that helps me remember as well as prioratize and follow through... SUCCEED. This box is one of my favorites and a total lifesaver. 

Healing Art journey boxes are the easiest, most affordable, most joyful, and beautiful way to access the flow of healing joy in your life. This box was not designed to replace therapy, but rather add to your healing process by teaching you, through art and through simple practices, ways to break through the hopelessness that trauma leaves in its wake allowing true self-love, acceptance, and joy. 

Each box has four parts: 

1. Gift and Gifting

My gifts to you with a theme for the month and gifts for you to gift to others 

2. Lessons and homework

Beautifully illustrated and designed thoughts, messages, inspirations, challenges, and practices for you to try and then journal about 

3. My art for you

This is a print of one of my own art therapy pieces and the story behind it

4. Healing Art piece

Everything you need to make your own art piece based on art therapy with instructions on how to create it yourself