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My name is Lindy
I'll be honest ~ I'm a lot of fun! 

I am an artist. I am a nature lover. I am a sports enthusiast. I am strong. I am a mother. I am a wife. I am a friend. I am a healer... I am a trauma survivor.I have memories as early as 3 years old regarding CSA, DV, SA, neglect, abuse, religious trauma and many others. At age 38, I set out on my own healing journey and decided it was time that I learned to value myself.
On that healing journey, I learned that I have CPTSD and many of the co-morbidities that accompany it. I have also gained and experienced a deep understanding of ND minds, BP, BPD, anxiety, depression, intrusive thoughts and many more.The healing path is arduous and painful, but at times I was able to find moments of joy by creating art to help express myself. And so, I started to talk about it on TikTok. Which then led me to create "healing art projects" for others. And now, what felt like a healing art movement on TikTok, has now turned into a full time career with "Lindy Art", providing classes on trauma, one on one coaching, and healing art boxes full of projects. It has been such an overwhelming blessing to connect with so many souls.
My primary message is; you are not alone! I see you. I understand you. I know how you feel and I know how to heal.Due to my own true essence, and my trauma, I will not give up on you and I will fearlessly fight for your healing. I know you can get through this.I receive emails almost daily from people letting me know that a healing art box has changed their life, or that someone has decided to "stay" on earth and keep going.
This only makes me more passionate about meeting people where they are at on their different journeys and creating tools for them.I cannot wait to create more tools and continue to support our community of trauma survivors and artists.
I sincerely love you and I am thrilled you are here. With all my love,Lindy English, KaH.P(Kick-Ass Healing Partner)