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I am a Life Coach & Trauma Guide

I choose to stay; every day.

If I had not received/sought after the help I did, I would not be here. I worked with an energy guide/coach side by side with a licensed therapist to heal and now I have joy side by side with my trauma. I can teach you how to do this. 

Deep Life Coaching & Trauma-Guide
Deep Life Coaching & Trauma-Guide

Deep Life Coaching & Trauma-Guide

I have lead, and still lead, people from dark places of hopelessness to clear paths of understanding and self love. Let's walk this journey together.

In this session we will explore your memories, learn great life skills and learn how to navigate a life with trauma while living in joy simultaneously.
Love to you and your beautiful soul.
***make sure to leave me your phone number, or specify if you would rather meet via virtual call. 
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Join the family for community, healing and support.

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With lionheart, you get an entire toolkit to help your family find calm and meaning. The audio content is perfect for busy parents and kids, letting you learn on the go. The virtual classrooms dive deeper into personal development, mindfulness, and more. And the community connects you with others on the journey.

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