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Art that heals.
Everything I do is to help you have or heal with joy.

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The mission of Art Food is to help inspire and teach
mental health & wellness through the wonderful power of art. 

Art Food to-go kits seamlessly marry art project into wellness lessons by teaching both the art skills while educating through thought provoking questions and information using science & psychology around the topic and theme of the kit.

Along with the to-go. kits I teach community art classes that are a group approach to learning and "arting".


The mission of LionHeart Art is to help those struggling to heal from trauma/abuse and mental illness in a way that is accessible to everyone that I can reach.I achieve this by focusing all my efforts into three main goals while making sure that they are affordable and attainable to as many people as I can.

I help Educate by teaching classes free to the public, working directly with you 1:1 as well as having the Lionheart Family that you can join and gain access to all kinds of healing help.

Using art as my muse I create products that tie our mental health & wellness into everyday living.

Thank you for coming to my site, I hope you enjoy your experience here.
Please feel free to send me a note for any reason at all. 

I am so glad that we found each other.