Gift a healing box to someone in need
Gift a healing box to someone in need

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Gift a healing box to someone in need

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By purchasing this box you are supporting our community scholarship fund a box!

I recieve emails and mesages from beautiful souls that want to find healing and joy the way that they see me do. I used to work directly with these souls a few at a time and suddenly found myself innundated with those asking me to guide them to the places I found. I created these Healing Art Journey subscription boxes so that I could find a way to continue to help all those that were ready to change their stories.  

Still, there are more messages than I can count asking me for help financially to obtain these boxes. By purchasing this box you are "sponsoring" one soul that desperately seeks refuge from their past and the ability to feel  joy again to one box (or a subscription) delivered to them with a note from your heart to theirs. 

Thank you for supporting your brothers and sisters in this journey with this purchase. 


Each box has four parts: 


1. Gift and Gifting

My gifts to you with a theme for the month and gifts for you to gift to others in that theme

2. Lessons and homework

Beautifully illustrated and designed thoughts, messages, inspirations, challenges and practices for you to try and then journal about

3. My art for you

This is a print of one of my own art therapy pieces and the story behind it.

4. Healing Art piece

Everything you need to make your own art piece based on art therapy with instructions on how to tackle it