Where do i start? 

Honestly, the box you feel most pulled to is most likely the best box for you.
 Depending of the struggles that you are facing from the trials you endured
I offer a couple “road maps” to follow as to the order of the healing journey boxes you work through.

Creating a “road map” to the order of boxes can get a bit tricky so always use your guided intuition,
however, here is rough map to follow while navigating through your healing journey. Joy exists.
It exists right beside you and you are able to feel it simultaneously while you heal…
these boxes show you how. Here is my suggested order of the boxes!
These boxes are intended to be in addition to your therapy/medication, not a substitution.

  • Dissociation & Regulation 
  • Aspen Theory 
  • Emotional Recognition & Triggers
  • Suicidal Ideation/Stop ; Stay
  • Planning & Achieving
  • Grief & Loss
  • Mornings & Groundings
  • Nature Therapy & Healing with Mother Earth
  • Develop/Love your Authentic Self 

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