What time zone is this?

I am always trying to remain "present". Always. 

Turns out I suck at it. 

If we examine the physics of action to thought we can quickly learn that an action/emotion/decision is made before we register that is has happened... we are ALWAYS in the past. With each cognition we recognize that we had there was an action/decision/emotion that was the cause. 

Picture a match. When we strike the match there is a a brief moment where that light from the flicker of fire traveling from stick to eyes is invisible. (Speed of light). Same for sounds. We never see it in present time, we se it in the fastest time that our minds can process. We can call this a "lag" or almost like a "delay" from action to perception of said action. We are always mentally in the past. 

Turns out, this is widely different for everyone. I have ADHD which I like to compare to being a Ferrari with shitty brakes. See, there are moments where I have noticed I am talking well after I started talking. I will get up and move to go to the bathroom with out thinking "I need to..." Its like by body is responding to thoughts I have not yet had... and then I catch up to them. ("hear them" if you will. For me thinking of tomorrow feels like light years away. Trying to remember two days ago feels like memory lane covered in cobwebs.  

This makes my head spin when I spend too much time thinking about this odd phenomenon of the ADHD Lindy brain. 

Yet ~ It makes me realize the power of manifesting and preparing your mind through thought. If I want to get strong and fit again, I don't focus on the fact that I am currently not thin, instead I focus on what strengths that I have already with a true sense of joy. I actually realize that If I thank/picture/self-present myself as already BEING (even a similitude) the thing that I am seeking then that means I, before even making a physical effort, have already established the mental grounds of success. Before my thoughts around "already there/being" are processed and heard they have already happened. That means I have already succeeded before the realization hits me. I am ALREADY getting there. I am ALREADY there. When you wrap your head around this time lag between realization of thought and though/actions towards it it boggles the soul. If I hear myself think a positive thing it is like listening to the echo of my soul. My mind catches it and it makes the long travel from soul to body and then my mind grabs on. I have already succeeded multiple times by the time that my mind realizes I am going to start. 

At the moment that I realize/perceive the cognition that has occurred there is already a momentum behind it. I don't have the THEN start... because it HAS ALREADY started. I am already winning.


Go kick some ass today friends. 

Love you, Lindy

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