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Stress Dolls
Stress Dolls

Lindy Art

Stress Dolls

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Great for those that need a friend that will listen without any interruption, give unlimited hugs and snuggles as well as soothe the nightmares that sneak in. I make these dolls out of as close to 100% upcycled materials and each of these upcycled materials are chosen with great thought and care. 

Example: the little brown monster with the hairy chest…

(top left) 

This had many pieces that were jam packed with deep meaning and energies. 

The brown was from one of my child’s favorite Halloween costume and was packed with wonder and adventure as well as the ability to hide in plain sight when needed. 

The hairy chest is from a necklace that was gifted to me in my 20’s. This necklace had quite a back story but the summed-up version is that this necklace was handed from troubled soul to troubled soul helping them each decide to “stay;” so this piece of the doll is packed with determination and strength to choose life. 

The red whiskers are from tie in dreads that I wore for strength and carries the energy of Vikings.

The blue and white claws was once the ribbon that held a gift I had previously received and hold the energy of kindness and love. 

The washer was found on a hike and is packed with the love nature and mother earth send to us daily. 

The buttons are from my grandma’s button collection therefore are filled with unconditional love.

The eyelashes are bits of my kiddos first Christmas tree ornaments so they contain the sense of family and the joy of surprise.

The stuffing is bits and pieces of my babies onesies as well as my training jersey for the tough mudder I ran in 2014 and bring endurance and passion to your life. 

There is more…but you get the idea. 

Each Doll is designed and made upon order and based off of the bits you tell me about you when you order. I send you a “index” of the doll to know what each piece came from and what those pieces carry for you. 

Each doll comes with its own story/accessories and will bless your life immensely.