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We are strong. We are brave. We are healing. 
We are the chain breakers. 


It's up to you. Decide what you can afford, and give what you can. 







Why become a member?

When you grab any membership you inevitably allow me the time necessary to to teach free community classes, create free healing content for my socials, time to work on my kids books and memoir, the ability to reach out and speak at events, help those in need with free resources and box gifts and teach at schools and every other amazing thing I can get my hands on! From the bottom of my heart. Thank you. I love you.

The LionHeart family membership is worth far more than I want to charge. I recognize that not everyone can afford what this healing content is worth (I had to fight tooth and nail to learn all this and understand how hard it is to find affordable wellness help that actually helps) so I am pricing this as a "Pay what you can" with a minimum of 10$/month. I want everyone to be able to learn how to heal with joy. I have received letter after letter from members that have learned and healed into places where this joy and lush peace. I am thrilled to have created, and be a part of, a wonderfully large and beautiful family to heal with. What an honor it is to heal beside you. 


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